Some of our clients will have their services upgraded on 8 June 2017, meaning their accounts will be moved to new server infrastructure to improve service delivery and speeds. This is pat of uHostAfrica’s expansion program. 
All your accounts (including emails, databases, web files and cPanel settings will be reconfigured to the new infrastructure and we expect this to be complete by 06.00hrs. During the above window, your account will be suspended, and our DNS system will begin directing traffic to the new servers allocated to your account. 

ALL our hosting now uses SpamExperts and all emails will be redirected accordingly once the transfers complete. You will not lose any email.  

While we upgrade your account any changes made to the databases will be lost. Although this is usually a small window of a few minutes, we recommend that any critical transactional website (e-commerce, forums, CRMs) are put into maintenance mode overnight to prevent loss of information.

For improved security mail will require that SSL/TLS is enabled for Incoming POP3 and outgoing SMTP connections. If this is disabled you won’t be able to collect email on the new server. You can activate SSL/TLS security immediately to avoid disruption.


Faster websites
We’ve upgraded all our web servers from Apache to LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed yields great performance increases over Apache, helping sites load more quickly whilst using fewer server resources. We’ve also removed lots of malicious sites. Together these changes have massively improved stability, uptime and security.

We’ve also invested heavily in a more transparent and effective anti-spam solution for your email. The excellent SpamExperts (accessible via your cPanel) now runs in front of all servers and protects every one of your mailboxes – free of charge. Our anti-spam cluster routinely blocks over 1 million spam emails every day destined for our service. Nothing like a nice clean inbox!


RAM: 50% more + 50% faster than current servers
CPU: 33% more cores + 35% faster than current servers
Storage 300% more SSD Space + 25% faster than current servers
Free SpamExperts with our cPanel
500Gbps + DDoS protection 

If you need assistance please raise a support ticket via the clientzone